Privacy Policy

Galley Saka strives to ensure the protection of personal information with the following policies.

《 Observing the Law 》
Gallery Saka adheres to the law and other standards regarding the protection of personal information.
《 Acquisition of Personal Information 》
Personal information is acquired by legal and fair means with the consent of the individual.The use of the personal information is also made clear at the time of its acquisition.
《 The Use of Personal Information 》
Acquired personal information is used only within the usage limits agreed to ahead of time with the exception of legally determined cases.
《 Supplying Personal Information to a Third Party 》
Personal information will not be supplied to a third party except for the following cases:
Prior agreement obtained from the individual
When legally required
《 Proper Management of Personal Information 》
Practical and safe measures are devised for risks such as illegal access, loss, destruction, alteration and leakage of personal information. Requests by the individual for the release and correction or deletion of the individual’s personal information will be promptly met.
《 Continuous Improvements 》
The management of personal information will be periodically reviewed and continuously improved to ensure its appropriate use and protection. Changes made for improving the handling of personal information will be released on this homepage.